Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza Rolls
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Easy Vegan BBQ Jackfruit Pizza Rolls

This post was sponsored by jack & annie’s! If you’ve been riding this vegan wave with me for a while, you know that I’m OBSESSED with jackfruit! It’s easy to work with, versatile and delicious! Speaking of obsessions… these vegan bbq jackfruit pizza rolls are my latest obsession for sure! […]

Vegan Taco Casserole
Dinner, Tacos

Easy Vegan Taco Casserole

Y’all, I didn’t think my love for tacos could grow anymore, but here we are. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS DISH! I made this and after the first bite I knew I had to share it with y’all. Oh, and it’s #PickyAssHusbandApproved! This Easy Vegan Taco Casserole is […]

Vegan Holiday Recipes
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Easy Vegan Holiday Recipes

The holiday season is upon us my friends! In this post you’ll find all of my favorite Vegan Holiday Recipes to make for both Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond! While these lists were made with Thanksgiving and Christmas in mind, many of these recipes can also be adopted for Sunday dinner […]

Easy Vegan Everything Bagel Seasoning Dinner Rolls
Side Dishes

Easy Vegan Dinner Rolls [+VIDEO]

We all love Everything Bagel Seasoning, but have you ever thought to add it overtop your vegan dinner rolls? If not, allow me to introduce you to some of THE BEST vegan homemade bread. These Everything Bagel Seasoning Dinner Rolls are perfectly soft, buttery with a hint of garlic. You […]

Easy Vegan Scalloped Potatoes
Side Dishes

Easy Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

I’ve got your new favorite potato side dish for the holidays right here! These easy vegan scalloped potatoes are sooooo good! Perfectly tender, cheesy and seasoned with all the right things to make for the perfect potato casserole side dish. The definition of plant-based vegan comfort food! Ingredients you’ll need to […]

Easy Vegan Air Fried Green Beans
Side Dishes

Easy Vegan Air Fried Green Beans

Imagine this… it’s the day of [insert holiday here] and everything is prepped and ready to go. You’ve got your main dish, your favorite sides… until you realize that you’ve forgotten to make the vegetable. In comes these Easy Vegan Air Fried Green Beans! This is the perfect last minute […]