Half Baked Cheesecake
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Half-Baked Cheesecake

I’m SO excited to share this dish with you all! Last year, I experimented with a completely raw vegan cheesecake and was impressed. However, I felt that I could make it taste even better and closer to the real deal. Cheesecake was one of those desserts that were my absolute […]

Strawberry Sauce
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Strawberry Sauce

I love strawberry sauce! Prior to this, I had never made it before. One morning I woke up and wanted pancakes. I usually stuff and top them with fresh fruit, but there was one problem… I didn’t have any! The only thing I could think of was the frozen fruit my […]

Food Experiments, Sweets

Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!

If you’ve doubted the possibility of having warm, soft and delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies that taste good, doubt no more! I found this jewel of a recipe while browsing through Pinterest (original recipe here). These vegan chocolate chip cookies are so good, you won’t even know the difference. What […]

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Rice Krispies!

For the past few weeks I’ve been eye balling these marshmallows from Trader Joe’s. Every week I would walk past them, telling myself that the odds of me roasting marshmallows on an open flame, making s’mores was highly unlikely. That is until I realized that I didn’t have to make […]