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A work conference brought me to Boston, MA to hang out for the week. Of course, every visit to a different city is an opportunity to take a peek into their vegan scene so you know I had to report back to you all with some of my favorite Boston Vegan finds! Unfortunately I didn’t get to visit as many places as I would have liked- one, because the Boston area is HUGE and two, because I didn’t have a ton of time to venture out much. After all, I was there for work so the conference took up most of the day.

Veggie Galaxy

If you visit Boston, this is one of those spots you HAVE to visit. It’s a diner-style restaurant with a pretty extensive menu that serves both vegetarian and vegan offerings. So for all of your non-vegan homies, they can still order up some eggs and cheese. Everything can be made vegan so the options are endless! The vibe and look reminded me a lot of Champs in Brooklyn. Super chill and laid back, and usually poppin’! My husband and I got there at around 10am on a Saturday and I was shocked that we didn’t have to wait to be seated. Apparently we’d gotten there just in time because on our way out, I noticed the waiting area was pretty full.

veggie galaxy waffles

With all of the different options, it was a tough decision, but I ordered the traditional waffles with mixed berries topped with banana butter. I like bananas, but I’m not in love with them so I was a little skeptical on the banana butter. Surprisingly, it turned out to be delish! Between the fresh berries and banana butter, I completely forgot about adding syrup. I’d gotten through almost half of the waffle before I realized I hadn’t added any! It’s sweet enough that I could have definitely continued without.

The waffle had a great texture, the edges were perfectly crispy, and the waffle itself was nicely sweetened. I couldn’t just order a waffle, so I added on a side of breakfast potatoes and tofu scramble. You know, for research purposes. 🙂 The potatoes were delish, and the serving was very generous! If you order them when you visit, be ready to split them with a friend! The tofu scramble on the other hand wasn’t my favorite. It was seasoned well, but I prefer my tofu scrambles to be made with super firm tofu. The texture was too soft for me.

Oh! My husband joined me. Wanna know why? They have alcohol! He ordered a “Red Planet,” recommended by our server. It reminded me of fireball, but slightly different, with undertones of grapefruit and cinnamon. It must have been good because he drank it very quickly! So if you enjoy a boozy brunch, this is the spot for you!

By CHLOE– Seaport

Bly Chloe dog

I was super excited when I found out that By CHLOE was a 5 minute walk from my hotel! I always enjoy dropping in when I’m visiting Brooklyn and I’m never disappointed. To my surprise, I only actually ate here once during my trip. I thought I would be able to enjoy breakfast here, but they didn’t open until 11am and that was much too late for me. I was so bummed because their brunch menu looked so good! I’d been eyeing their breakfast burrito for a while!

On my first day in town, I decided to order the Pesto Meatball Sub. The meatballs are made from portobello mushrooms and veggies, topped with marinara, sweet peppers, a basil pesto, cashew mozz, and almond parm on a potato sub roll. Simple and delicious! I stopped by a few other times to check out their sweets, but didn’t see anything I wanted to try. It seemed like this location’s selection mostly consisted of chocolate items, which weren’t very tempting for me because I prefer vanilla or other fruity flavors, ya know?

Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

Ohhh Roxy’s. This place made my heart sing! Until I visited this place for dinner one night, the food I’d experienced had been pretty underwhelming. Not bad, but not great. Roxy’s was a pleasant surprise. My husband heard about this place from our uncle, but only as an arcade (A4CADE) that happened to sell food. Until we’d arrived, we didn’t know that the arcade was inside of Roxy’s.

roxy's vegan grilled cheese sandwich with fries

This place was perfect for us because they have both omnivore selections and vegan, so needless to say we were both happy which is always a win! I ordered the Buffalo Tofu Grilled Cheese along with an order of regular fries topped with sea salt. You can order your food at the counter and then head on back to the arcade (21+) to eat, drink, and play games. Not only was the sandwich beautiful, it tasted great too! Oh, and the fries were divine. I enjoyed every single bite. My only tiny critique would be for them to add just a tad less buffalo sauce. This would help make the sandwich a little less messy and some bites were a bit too saucy. Other than that, it was perfection on a plate.

We enjoyed Roxy’s so much, we went back for a second round. This time I decided to go with the broccoli and cheese sandwich. This one was just okay. Nothing life changing here. When you visit, definitely go for the buffalo tofu! You won’t be disappointed!

Clover Food Lab– Kendall Square

I ended up here by chance. My husband and I had biked to this area of town shortly after arriving at our hotel. Through social media, I learned about this seitan food truck called Bartleby’s that looked too good to pass up. Crispy fried seitan? Yes please! I always forget how much I hate biking until 10 minutes after I get on a bike. What was supposed to be a 17 minute bike ride (sounded doable), turned into about a 30 minute ride. Needless to say, my ass was sore as ever only after a few minutes, but I reasoned with myself because I knew this fried seitan was gonna HIT!

clover food lab vegan sandwich

We got to the location where the food truck was supposed to be. As we rode closer, I could see it in the distance. We got closer and closer only to find out it was the WRONG truck! I checked social media and it turned out that they cancelled service for the day because their truck needed some work. Heartbroken and hungry, I pulled out my phone to look for other options nearby and came across Clover Food Lab.

Instead of ordering at a register, you order with associates standing by waiting to place your order on their tablets. I decided to go with the Seitan sandwich, rosemary fries, and a blueberry lemonade. The sandwich was fine, but nothing to get excited about. The fries were good, but it seemed like I’d gotten all of the small fries in the batch, so I was stuck with a basket of minis that you find in the bottom of the bag LOL. The blueberry lemonade was okay, but I would have preferred it to be just a little sweeter.

This isn’t someplace that I would visit frequently, but it’s perfect for when you’re in a pinch and need something quick and filling.

Blackbird Donuts

I’m ALWAYS down for sweets, even when I shouldn’t be! Haha! I heard about Blackbird Donuts on IG and knew I had to check them out. Besides, it’s only right that I round-out my Boston vegan experience with something sweet, right?! I love that they offer vegan donuts and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they actually had one that I wanted upon arrival. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not big on chocolate so I was hoping they would have something with strawberry or lemon. Even a plane glazed donut would have been good!

blackbird donuts jelly filled vegan donut

The bakery is really cute and this location served sandwiches too (no vegan ones though). The interior was black and white everything with caged chandeliers. On this day, their only vegan option was a strawberry jam filled donut tossed in sugar. Yep, perfect for me! The donut was filled with jam you could tell was freshly made! It was delicious! 🙂

A Few Other Mentions…

Mighty Love Food: I stopped in here one morning for breakfast as it was a short walk from my hotel. I ordered steel-cut oats topped with fresh fruit along with a juice. Because my order was pretty basic, I can’t say for sure if this spot is worth visiting or not, but I’d stop in again and give them a try for lunch. They have vegan mac and cheese!

Might Food Love Steel-cut oats

The Chubby Chickpea: During my conference, there was a daily food truck rodeo. Amongst them were a few spots with vegan options, so of course I had to try a few. The Chubby Chickpea was probably the best food I had while at the conference. The falafels were crispy and the hummus was delish. I didn’t care for the Red Quinoa Tabouleh (bland), but everything else was really tasty! I’d love to go back and try it prepared fresh. I’m sure it’s even better!

The Chubby Chickpea

Art Science Culture Lab & Cafe: Since I was in town with my husband, we decided to turn one night into a date night. I’d done some research on neat places to visit in the area and found this bar. Basically they have these devices that release flavored vapors into your cocktail. It’s a really neat concept! Once your drink gets down far enough, the vapors become more prevalent. I would definitely recommend for a date night! It’s a little pricey, but worth the splurge if you’re into cocktails. My husband is, so this was perfect for him! Check out my IG highlights to see how it works!

Art science culture lab and cafe drink

Taco Party: This was another one of the food trucks at the conference. I ordered one of their crispy fried tofu tacos and a lentils al pastor taco along with their pinto bean dip. To be honest, I wasn’t completely thrilled with their tacos because they were made in advance (instead of made to order) and wrapped in foil to keep them warm. The tofu wasn’t crispy, but I could tell there was potential. Especially with the lentil taco! It had great flavor. The pinto bean dip was deeeeeelish. If their restaurant was closer, I would have tried them out again. I’m confident that their made to order food is much better (at least I hope it is)!

Better Bagels: I stopped in here on my way to the conference, in a tizzy because my other vegan breakfast food options fell through. I remembered that bagels are usually vegan and when I arrived, I was pleasantly reminded that bread+tomato+avocado are a match made in heaven. If I’m not mistaken, all of their bagels were vegan except the “egg bagel,” but if you go be sure to double check. I ordered the everything bagel and enjoyed it, which is surprising because I usually don’t care for bagels. There’s wasn’t too thick and it was soft, which was great for me.

Better Bagels Everything Bagel with Tomato and Avocado

Typhoon Asian Bistro: My husband and I dropped in here on a rainy night during our trip. You would have thought we rented the place out, because we were their only customers. I ordered the veggie dumplings and the Hot Vegan- fried veggies, kabayaki, topped with a spicy veganaise. I was hoping that the spicy veganaise would pack more of a punch in the spice department, but it fell flat. Wasabi to the rescue! If you’re eating out with non-vegan friends, I would recommend paying them a visit. Something to eat for everyone!

Typhoon Asian Bistro Hot Vegan Sushi

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What are your favorite Boston vegan eats? Let me know in the comments below!

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