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Boston Scenery
Travel, This & That

Boston Vegan Eats

A work conference brought me to Boston, MA to hang out for the week. Of course, every visit to a different city is an opportunity to take a peek into their vegan scene so you know I had to report back to you all with some of my favorite Boston […]

Tulum Sign

Tulum, Mexico Vegan Travel Guide

A few weeks ago my husband and I visited Tulum to celebrate my 30th Birthday! I love three things: the beach, the sun, and FOOD! Tulum had all three, so this destination was the perfect fit! In this post I’ll be sharing what we did, but most importantly what we […]

Temple of Heaven

Beijing, China Vegan Travel Guide

Whew! Visiting Beijing was probably the most interesting destination of our two-month trip abroad. So interesting, I’m not sure if I’d ever go back anytime soon. As most know, the culture in Beijing, China is just all around different. Let’s start with the obvious. There’s no social media allowed. For […]