Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken Review

If you’re like me and try to keep an ear to these vegan streets, you already know about or have heard the name Atlas Monroe. If not, I’m here to fill you in! Atlas Monroe is a plant-based food company offering a variety of “meaty” options that even a life-long carnivore would love (but really- my husband devoured his).

I initially found them on Instagram via multiple accounts that I follow from the California area. When you see one of their chicken sandwiches pop up on your timeline, you can’t help but stop and gawk. Let’s be honest, they’re beautiful! They look meaty and amazingly crispy!

Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo

Last fall Atlas Monroe was featured on Shark Tank. I’m a big Shark Tank fan, so I of course tuned in. They shared their chicken sandwiches with the sharks and everyone was in disbelief at what they were eating. They all agreed that they had a great product on their hands. If I recall correctly, the owners even mentioned that they had previously won a fried chicken contest with them being the only plant-based chicken entry! That’s crazy!

Between repeatedly seeing their products on social media and their Shark Tank appearance, I knew I had to get my hands on some. Luckily soon after their episode was shown, they opened their direct to consumer ordering, which was perfect for me because there currently aren’t any vendors selling it near me!

Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken sandwich with brown hand


I’m not gonna lie. Their products aren’t exactly cheap. Six of their Extra Crispy Fried Chick’n pieces will run you $22.99 ($3.83/piece). Considering what it actually costs to make the product, it’s a pretty sizable markup.

As a note, the production costs were disclosed on Shark Tank, but I can’t remember how much it was. However, when you think about it on a broader scale, you would probably pay $10-$15 for a Chik’n sandwich at one of the restaurants that serve their products, so in reality $3.83 isn’t a bad price. It just stings a little on the front end.


Okay, this part stings a little too… Because these products are shipped frozen, they need to arrive on your doorstep as quickly as possible. Which means next-day air is a must. So yes, next-day air is your only shipping option and it’s gonna run you about $18. However, I’m sure pricing varies on where you’re located, so this may not be true for you.


During my first experiment with the Atlas Monroe Fried Chick’n, I followed the directions that came with the product upon delivery (can also be found here). I wasn’t interested in the deep frying method, so I tried the oven directions, baking it on 400F for 18 minutes.

I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the outer texture, so I lightly sprayed it with olive oil and tossed them in the air fryer for a few minutes. BOOM! This was the winner.

Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken sandwich on white plate

The breading felt like it had just been taken out of the grease! Since this was my first time trying it, I wanted to dress up my sandwich a little, but not too much as to override the seasoning. I whipped up my homemade Chick-fil-A sauce (can be found in this recipe), sliced some tomato and went to WORK!


Y’all, it was love at first bite. If you follow me on the ‘gram, be sure to check out my IGTV with the very first taste-test I did (I’ll be sharing soon!) alongside one of my besties, Dricks (he runs a really cool traveling company).

Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken sandwich open face

I couldn’t believe what I was eating! When you see a product being shared so much on social media, it’s easy to wonder if it’s being over-hyped. Well, I’m here to tell ya… it’s NOT! The breading was super crispy. I was even eating the little crispy bits leftover in the air fryer that had fallen off. OMG. Sooooo goooood!

Though the inside doesn’t look like much, it was tender with a meaty texture. I was shook. In case you’re wondering, it’s made from non-gmo wheat and is soy-free! I never knew wheat could taste so good!

The Bottom Line:

This vegan chicken is definitely worth purchasing if given the opportunity. They’re currently on back-order and won’t be shipping until August (as of 2/18/20), but I would still go ahead and place your order because I read a comment (from their account) saying that they were phasing out of the direct to consumer aspect of their business. YIKES.

Atlas Monroe Vegan Fried Chicken

I really hope they reconsider because they’re currently only being sold at 4 locations. None of which are in NC! Plus, buying it straight from them is a lot cheaper than purchasing an entree from a restaurant.

Have you tried their products yet? I’d love to try their vegan ribs, but I’m too scared to mess up a good thing. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Delois Caldwell

    I tried to contact them regarding an order from December of 2019. I am suppose to get my order on June 15, 2020. When I tried to get in touch with them about my paid order by e-mail and by a disconnected phone number 699-220-4973 no respond. I just wanted to know if my order would be arriving this month or would they be sending me a refund. They are still displaying a web site to order, but the e-mail address and the phone number you get no respond. This web site pop up when you put in atlas monroe vegan chicken. Impatiently waiting.

  3. Kim BEHNKE

    Maybe they should have took the $1,000,000.

    • felisha thomas

      I totally agree with you. At the rate they’re producing and shipping, certainly will not keep customers.

  4. Maureen Bencale

    I also ordered back in February paid and received anything I called the phone number with a filled mailbox I would like a refund at least

  5. Soooo I ordered two orders of the 6 piece chicken, one order of the popcorn chicken and one order of the ribs. The popcorn chicken is wayyy too spicy. Like peppery/hot spicy. Not my thing. And since there was so much about this product I bought enough to last me for quarantine. Not too happy about this but when you smother it was cooler sauces like Ranch or Blue cheese, its edible. I never understood why people tend to overwhelm the dishes with flavor when cooking vegan or vegetarian. I get the “we don’t eat bland crap” stance but sometimes too much of something is just that – too much.

  6. I’ve been waiting 3 months for my order that according to the website (never received a confirmation email except payment from my credit card) orders would ship out in June. Welp after getting in touch with someone for a status check, I was told all orders were filled and shipped out June 30. I explained I had not received any correspondence stating shipping date, I went by what the website stated.

    The young lady at first stated I did not have an order after she looked it up. I was advised to text my name and email address. Well I texted that in addition to my email confirmation that they received my payment. Then she ‘found’ my order and apologized to me saying she’s not sure how it was overlooked. OKAY. So as of yesterday, my order is supposed to ship out Monday or Tuesday next week.

    Also the prices is definitely much more than what the article writer paid. Six pieces including shipping is now $62.47. This will probably be my first and last order until the product and shipping times are worked out.

  7. Bought it with great anticipation. I was bummed to learn after spending a fortune that EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT is intended for frying to get the best result.
    The taste was okay. I’m happy for the success of Atlas Monroe as there is absolutely a huge market for what they’re selling. I’m just not a super fan, or fan enough to reconsider ordering again.

  8. Horrible customer service!! I will never purchase with this company again! I ordered the chicken bundle with 2 specific sauces(for allergy reasons), and my confirmation email confirmed this. However, I received an email the day my order was delivered saying that I should receive my order with the wrong sauces. When I contacted the headquarters to correct this I received rude, patronizing, and unprofessional messages. I was told it was super early but she will help. Then she told me their website’s system can “auto” give you something besides what you ordered. When I asked if I would receive tracking info etc on this correction I was met with a dismissive, condescending attitude. I paid $25 for the shipping alone of my original order on top of the expensive chicken bundle I paid for. The vegan food from this company is not good enough to match the overpricing, unorganized, and EXTREMELY rude service. NEVER AGAIN!

  9. Thinking about finally trying them in a couple weeks. Hopefully I have better luck now that they have been in business a couple years.

  10. I waited so long to get the vegan chicken
    I’m sorry to say I found it unpleasant.
    I put two pieces in my air fryer and it crusted up but the fast was mealy inside to me.
    I wish you and the company success.

  11. George Jungle

    My shipment arrived after spending 6 days floating around in post offices. They say they ship 2 day, but that is not the case. Everything was thawed and the sauces were not in the nice little jars, they were in baggies. The customer service is extremely awful. I am now afraid to even eat this stuff because it sat so long thawed, and the sauces? Who knows. If they are mayo based, the they are no good. Don’t waste your money. I bet Cubin is glad he did not.

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