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I’ve been waiting to try the JUST Egg for what seems like forever. When it first hit the internet, I was BEYOND excited to learn about a vegan egg that actually looks and tastes like the real thing. Initially it seemed too good to be true. I wondered how it would be possible to successfully replicate such a thing.

Especially because eggs were such a big part of my diet before going vegan. I ate them at least four times per week and frequently used them in recipes. It took me a while, but I finally got my hands on it and in this post I’ll be sharing my JUST Egg Review.

JUST Egg Review in a plate

JUST Egg Review- Texture

Texture is a huge part to making anything vegan taste like the non-vegan version. I’m happy to report that the texture of the finished product was spot on. I didn’t touch the batter straight out of the bottle to determine whether or not it had the same consistency as a beaten egg, but it looked about the same.

After I finished cooking the JUST Egg over the stove, I bit into it hoping that the texture would be consistent with a traditional egg and it certainly was. For someone that hasn’t eaten a real egg in over two years, it was highly reminiscent of the real thing. I couldn’t believe what I was eating. I’ve had a pretty disappointing experience with a powdered vegan egg in the past, so as you might imagine this was a welcomed surprise.

JUST Egg Review Texture

JUST Egg Review- Taste

This is likely the part that you’re most curious about, so I’ll make it plain. The taste of the JUST Egg was extremely consistent with that of a real egg. I absolutely, positively loved it.

I cooked it exactly as I would a normal egg- a little olive oil on the pan, then sprinkled the egg with a little salt and pepper as it cooked. During my first round with it, I wanted to be able to truly taste the egg without the influence of any add-ins like cheese, onions, or peppers. Therefor, I kept it simple and enjoyed it over a slice of lightly toasted sourdough bread.

JUST Egg Review in pan

I ate the first bite in disbelief. My initial thought was “how in the world did they create this?!” Every bite thereafter was a blur. Everything on my plate disappeared in a matter of moments. I simply remember looking down at my plate and wondering where the rest of it went. Convinced that I couldn’t have eaten it all that fast. Yep, it was that good.

Even though I should have been able to get a few more servings out of it, I only managed to get three. The second time I ate the JUST Egg with a homemade biscuit and vegan cheese. Once again, it disappeared in seconds. It was like a trip down memory lane. A taste you just don’t get with a vegan tofu scramble (though I still love those).

The third round with the egg was my grand finale. I decided to try it as an omelet. As you might notice from the picture below, it’s possible that I got a little too excited adding in all of the veggies. I ate it with another biscuit and I thoroughly enjoyed. It was my last hoorah and I was determined to go out with a bang. Y’all, it was everything I’d hoped for!

JUST Egg Review sandwich

JUST Egg Review- Things to Know

Where to find the JUST Egg:

If you’re looking for the JUST Egg, you’ll certainly want to keep an eye on social media and this store locator link. I say social media, because that’s how I found out that it was at a store in my area (Coco Bean Vegan Market).

They posted about it on Instagram and I was able to secure a bottle by pre-paying over the phone (yes, it was THAT serious). This store isn’t listed on the JUST Egg website (yet), so I would imagine that there are other small retailers who are selling it as well. Perhaps even in your area!

Wondering what JUST Egg are made of? I was curious too. Its main ingredients are mung beans and turmeric. Mung beans are traditionally rich with vitamins and minerals, while turmeric provides the yellow color that makes this egg alternative appear more like the real thing. I’ve never met a bean I didn’t like 🙂

JUST Egg Review


Whew. This one was tough y’all. $9.49 is what I paid for this glorious egg substitute. Almost $10! Though the price is terribly off-putting, it was most definitely worth the splurge. Will I be buying this again? Perhaps in a few months. I can justify most vegan substitutes, but $10 for “eggs” is a tough pill to swallow.

Especially because it’s only a 12 oz. bottle, in which I only managed to get three servings out of. Let’s be real… You can buy a dozen real eggs for $1.50. See the problem?! I will admit, the serving size is 3 tablespoons but after measuring this portion out, it I knew it wouldn’t be enough for me. I usually made about 5-6 tablespoons worth.

My hope is that once the product “normalizes” a bit, the price will steadily decrease to something a bit more reasonable. I would be willing to pay $5-$6 dollars on a semi regular basis. In the meantime, I’ll stick to tofu scramble.

Just for All Vegan Egg

Bottom Line:

The JUST Egg creators did an eggcellent job coming up with such an amazing egg alternative product. I would definitely purchase it again (but not regularly because of the price). The taste is amazing and it appears to be super versatile. Yes– it’s pricey, but in this world of endless vegan possibilities I’m sure it’s on its way to becoming more mainstream and overtime the price could lower.

Have you tried this new vegan egg? I’d love to know what you thought of it! Let’s chat in the comments below! 🙂

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JUST Egg Review


  1. As you said, it’s spot on! Love, love, love this product. An excellent tip – use BLACK SALT – it’s actually kind of pink – the salt has a slight sulphur odor which makes JUST Egg even more eggy in taste. You can buy it on Amazon. My go to right now is kale, red pepper, mushrooms and a heap of EGG. Heavenly.

    • Hey Gail, thanks so much for checking out my review. I’m glad we’re on the same page. I don’t understand how people could NOT like this product! Great tip with the black salt, I’ve been meaning to try that out!

  2. Denise Griffin

    I just finished up my first bottle of Just Egg which was sufficient for three servings. I think I paid $6.99 for it and it was worth every cent. This is the closest substitute for any food that I used to eat prior to becoming a vegan. The next time I buy it, I will try it in baking. By the way…I used a touch of black salt with it which gave it even more of an eggy flavor. All in all, I give it 5 stars. Way to go Just for making this wonderful product. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

    • Hey Denise! I couldn’t agree more! This product is CRAZY similar to the real thing. Can’t wait to get my hands on another bottle!

  3. I just tried this for the first time yesterday. I ate it on a toasted English muffin with a slice of cheese (not vegan). I love eggs, but the thought of them grosses me out and I can’t get past it. This is the closest thing I’ve had to real eggs in 11 years since I stopped eating them!! I added black salt to it, which I highly recommend trying. It gave it that last eggy flavor that it needed for it to be spot on. I hope this is an item that will stay on the shelves for many years to come!

  4. Diana Trupiano

    I bought this and have not touched it in 2 weeks. I was a bit skeptical, but after reading this I am having them this morning with onions, spinach and red peppers. I LOVE eggs, so much so that I am for the most part plant based with the exception of eggs. . . baby steps y’all! So if this is everything you say it is, then it will convert me over to full vegan!
    Thank you!

    • Hey Diana, thanks for checking out my blog post and congrats on your transition thus far! I’d love to know how your breakfast went this morning. I hope you’ll come back and share 🙂

  5. Hey Desiree,

    I have searched and searched for this product and finally found it! Even Amazon was sold out:(. I’ve asked the store to put a couple of bottles aside. I haven’t tasted eggs in over 30 years and am anxiously looking forward to the experience. I’ve tried numerous vegan egg products but was always disappointed.

    Can you suggest any vegan cheeses (sliced or otherwise) that I can try. Love cheese but it doesn’t love me back – LOL!


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  7. I don’t know where you all are buying this but mine is way cheaper. I pay $4.99 at most for mine. I love this stuff and us it to make my own spinach tortillas, homemade gluten feee bread, baking, my all time favorite is using it in my zucchini fritters!

    • Hey Johanna, this post is from 2019. Since then, the price of JUST Egg has come down considerably (thank God!)

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