Beyond Burger Review

BREAKING NEWS! There is now a plant-based burger on the market that looks and (in my opinion) tastes pretty dern close to beef! The crazy part is that it is made of plant-based ingredients that has more nutritional value than a traditional burger. The Beyond Burger hit the shelves recently and the vegan community has been going NUTS!

Beyond Burger

So how was it?!

I thoroughly enjoyed this burger! It was easy to cook and tasted great. The texture is pretty meat-like and it’s even pretty juicy! If there’s one thing I’ve learned about cooking meat substitutes, it’s NOT to over cook it! So when it came to cooking this burger, I was extra mindful in making sure I followed the directions. The directions advise that you cook it for 3 minutes on each side, so I pulled out my iPhone’s timer just to make sure I was cooking it properly. I refused to let my money go to waste! I topped my burger with the usual suspects: avocado, tomato, “cheese”, ketchup and mustard. The goal was to keep it simple so that the extra stuff didn’t outshine the flavor of the “meat”.

This burger comes in packs of two, so I was generous and let my husband try out the other one 🙂 He enjoyed it, but didn’t agree with my opinion of it tasting so similar to meat. However, he said it was pretty good.

Beyond Burger

Where can I find these?!
I purchased these for $5.99 at my local Whole Foods, but check here to see where they can be purchased in your area. They’re not the cheapest burgers, but if you’re a transitioning vegan you’ll definitely want to try these. They’ll make the transition a little easier! Take these along with you to the cookout so that you can join in on the burger festivities!

Have you tried the Beyond Burger? If so, what did you think?!


Beyond Burger

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