Hungry Harvest Review- Is It Worth It?

This post was sponsored by the wonderful people at Hungry Harvest! All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Hungry Harvest ReviewIf you keep up with me on social media, you might have noticed that over the past month, I’ve been cutting back extensively on my grocery shopping. One of the reasons was because it seemed like the one area of our budget where we actually had some flexibility. I would purchase all of this great produce in hopes of creating these amazing dishes throughout the week and for whatever reason, they just didn’t happen. You know how it is when life gets in the way! I got tired of opening the fridge only to find wilted veggies and softened fruit- something had to be done about it. I decided that when preparing my grocery list, I would build meals around things that we already had in the fridge or pantry, which would ensure that we would actually use the foods we were purchasing every week. The good news is, this worked! But things got better when I discovered Hungry Harvest!

About Hungry Harvest

If you haven’t heard of them, get ready to thank me! Hungry Harvest is a local company whose mission is to eliminate food waste and ultimately end hunger. Hungry HarvestHungry Harvest is making “ugly food” cool by rescuing items that would otherwise be thrown out and selling them at more than reasonable prices to people like you and me who don’t mind eating an oddly shaped zucchini or slightly deformed sweet potato (see photo below). Wondering what I mean by “ugly food?” This is the stuff that might be a little off in size, color, or even overproduced. All stuff that I personally don’t care about! But retailers do, and they don’t think it’ll sell well, so it goes to waste. Crazy, right? Because of these practices, every year 40% of our food in the US goes to waste. Just think about all of the people that could be eating these foods that are living in food deserts. Or even our homeless population. It’s INSANE!

Just imagine what it’s like for farmers whose season went better than they expected. Where they have grown more food than they thought they would. With no buyers, the food goes to waste. Who could have ever imagined that having an abundant harvest could be a bad thing?! Our society’s demand for food that is aesthetically pleasing has increased tremendously over the years. Can you imagine being a farmer trying to sell food to a retailer and they reject it because it’s “too big” or has “too many beauty marks?” It’s gotta be tough being a farmer in today’s world. But when you patronize businesses like Hungry Harvest, you’re helping to fight back and support our nation’s farmers and all of the hard work and dedication that goes into growing the foods we so desperately need to survive.

My Hungry Harvest Experience

I’ve received two Hungry Harvest boxes and I was impressed both times! I love that they provideHungry Harvest Review such a variety of items that are not only in season, but FRESH! Earlier I mentioned that Hungry Harvest has made my life a little easier when it comes to shopping for the week. Here’s how… Prior to receiving my box, I’m informed about the content of it so I can go ahead and start thinking of meals, snacks, or desserts to make for the week that would help me to utilize the goodies in my box! That way, when I go to the grocery store, the only things I have to buy are items that would enhance the items from Hungry Harvest.

For example, in my first box I received some Honey Gold Three Bite Potatoes, in addition to some white onions. I knew right away that I wanted to use the potatoes and onions to make some roasted breakfast potatoes. When I went to the grocery store I picked up a red and green pepper to add to them. See what I mean now?

Hungry Harvest ReviewAs a blogger, sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired and find ways to keep food fun and interesting, so it’s been cool to be able to use my Hungry Harvest boxes for inspiration! Sometimes I even get items I wouldn’t normally buy at the grocery store, which is the perfect opportunity to be introduced to new foods! Last week I got a box with pomegranate, a fruit I wouldn’t normally pick up at the grocery store.

If you’re nervous about receiving too much or too little don’t worry! They offer a variety of different sized boxes that are perfect for everyone- whether you’re cooking solo, or feeding an entire family. In addition they’ve got rotating add-ons that are the perfect compliment to your box (hummus, loafs, and even chocolate!).

Here’s how to start:

  1. Check delivery address– gotta make sure they’re available in your area!
  2. Make your selections and order- what size box do you want? Anything you wanna add on?
  3. Wait for your delivery- don’t worry, it won’t be long!
  4. ENJOY! Have fun creating in the kitchen with all of your new goodies from Hungry Harvest!

Use code NC2018 for 30% off of your first order!

Have you ever tried Hungry Harvest? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. 40% going to waste just for being “ugly”?! Unbelievable!! About time someone did something! So glad to hear..

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  3. Thanks Desiree for the Hungry Harvest review! I started my service today.

    Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.
    Belinda – Charlotte, NC

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