Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites

No Bake Cranberry + Oatmeal Energy Bites

In my quest to cut back on my grocery bill, one thing I’ve been leaving off of the grocery list is snacks. We all love them, but they can get a little pricey! Although it’s been saving me money, my stomach isn’t happy about it some days.

This has gone on for WEEKS! I finally decided to do something about it and I’ve come up with a solution… making my own snacks! What’s cool is that all of these ingredients, I already had and can use for a variety of different other things.

Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites

Wanna know my favorite part? These cranberry oatmeal bites only take about 15 minutes to put together! Oh, and they only require 7 ingredients! Toss everything into a bowl, mix it together, and freeze for a bit! Then BAM!

I actually made these yesterday and I admit, I had issues restraining myself from eating the mix before getting them into the freezer… They were SO GOOD! They are naturally sweetened with agave, but the cranberries add an extra bit of sweetness to them that I love! Not to mention, the peanut butter sneaks in and makes you feel all healthy 🙂 The combination of the oatmeal and cranberries makes me feel like I’m eating a cookie!

Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites

As I type, I’ve eaten three and I had to MAKE myself get up and put them in the fridge. I can already tell that these cranberry oatmeal bites are going to be in heavy rotation! Already starting to think of some different variations to try, so stay tuned!

If you’re in need of some healthy snacks, you’ll definitely want to try these cranberry oatmeal bites out! They’re so good, packed with protein (peanut butter), omega 3’s, and fiber (flax seeds) as well as a host of other benefits!

Gonna give these a try? You’ll love them! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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No Bake Cranberry Oatmeal Energy Bites

Course Snack
Cuisine American
Keyword Cranberry, Oatmeal
Prep Time 15 minutes
Freeze Time 1 hour
Servings 16 pieces



  • Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl and mix well.
  • Over a pan lined with parchment paper, form 1 inch balls (may be helpful to use a cookie scooper) and place on the pan spaced evenly.
  • Transfer the pan to the freezer and let sit for at least one hour (okay to leave longer if desired)
  • After one hour, remove from the freezer and enjoy! 


Keep any leftovers in the fridge.
No Bake Cranberry + Oatmeal Energy Bites

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