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Temple of Heaven

Beijing, China Vegan Travel Guide

Whew! Visiting Beijing was probably the most interesting destination of our two-month trip abroad. So interesting, I’m not sure if I’d ever go back anytime soon. As most know, the culture in Beijing, China is just all around different. Let’s start with the obvious. There’s no social media allowed. For […]

Vegan Tokyo Japan

Tokyo, Japan Vegan Travel Guide

Of all of the places on our 2 month journey abroad, visiting Japan was most special to me. I was actually born in Misawa, Japan on account of my Dad being in the Air-force. Unfortunately we left 1-2 years after I was born, so as you might guess, I don’t […]

The Basic Vegan, Dinner, Lunch, Side Dishes


This dish was inspired by my summer travels to Istanbul, Turkey (if you missed the post, here it is!). In researching common street foods for Istanbul, Kumpir was one of those that came up quite frequently. In fact, once we started roaming around, Kumpir was EVERYWHERE! “What is Kumpir?” you […]

Black Girl amazed by large Jackfruit

Ubud, Bali Vegan Travel Guide

After exploring Seminyak, my husband and I were excited to see what Ubud had to offer. Before traveling to Indonesia, I did some research on the different areas and I decided it would be most fitting to visit both places, as they’re so different. Seminyak is most known for its […]

La Plancha Bali

Seminyak, Bali Vegan Travel Guide

My experience in Seminyak, Bali was truly one for the books. It’s such a beautiful and vibrant place with something for everyone! As soon as we landed we were excited to get to our Airbnb. We had been traveling for hours with very little sleep and were excited to get […]

Black girl looking at fruit

Istanbul, Turkey Vegan Food + More

Want to know something funny? When we planned this trip, Istanbul, Turkey was NOT on the list of destinations! After Greece, we were supposed to be headed to New Delhi, India, but first an 8-hour layover in Turkey. Here’s what happened… Greece was a bittersweet goodbye. Athens is a bustling […]


Greece Vegan Food + More

When I think of Greece, I don’t necessarily think of vegan-friendly food. When we decided to add this as a destination to our trip, I won’t lie… I was a little nervous about what I might eat but as always, I’m up for the challenge. I’ve learned that being vegan […]

Black girl with donut at Blanche Bakery

Cardiff Vegan Food + More

Cardiff, Whales… Have you ever heard of it? To be completely honest, I never had prior to my husband bringing it to my attention. A few months ago we were in the midst of planning our 2-month trip abroad, when he asked me if I wanted to start the trip […]