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Cake Batter Dessert Hummus
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Cake Batter Dessert Hummus

Is it wrong that I find joy in deceiving people?! For many, starting a plant-based diet means trying lots of substitutes. Meat substitutes, cheese substitutes, and even dessert substitutes. Yes, people even substitutes for dessert! You might be thinking about coconut based ice cream, or even almond milk ice cream. […]

Vegan Ginger Cookies

Soft+Chewy Ginger Cookies

Winter is unofficially here. I say unofficially because winter doesn’t really start until December 21st, but here in North Carolina we’ve already had our first winter storm. Last weekend I finished off my last bit of pumpkin (another sign that winter is here). I made some pumpkin spice oatmeal and […]

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Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies!

If you’ve doubted the possibility of having warm, soft and delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies that taste good, doubt no more! I found this jewel of a recipe while browsing through Pinterest (original recipe here). These vegan chocolate chip cookies are so good, you won’t even know the difference. What […]