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Vegan Rasta Pasta
Dinner, Pasta

Easy Vegan Rasta Pasta

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good bowl of pasta! A few months ago my husband went out and bought several jars of Jamaican Curry paste (you would have thought it was being discontinued), so I’ve been scratching my head trying to figure out how best to make […]

Easy Vegan Pantry Recipes

Easy Vegan Pantry Recipes

In crazy, unpredictable times such as this pantry meals are becoming more of a necessity! In this post, I’ve gathered 15 of my favorite Easy Vegan Pantry Recipes to help you navigate through in the kitchen. I realize that you may not have all the necessary ingredients on hand, so […]

Miami Wynwood

Miami Vegan Food

Y’all, I think Miami is one of my new favorite places. A few weeks ago I was in Miami for a work trip and decided to stay for a few extra days to explore the city a little bit more. My husband wanted to visit too, so he joined me […]

Mini Vegan Chicken Biscuits

Mini Vegan Chicken Biscuits

In my pre-vegan days, one of my guilty pleasures was a good chicken biscuit! I’d pull up at the drive-thru and order the usual: chicken biscuit, seasoned fries, and a sweet tea. It’s so cool to be able to enjoy the same meal in a different way these days. I […]

12 30-Min Vegan Meals

Twelve 30-Minute Vegan Meals

We all have those weeks where life just comes at us FAST! As much as I love meal-prepping, there are some weeks I don’t get a chance to. A few weeks ago we came back from our Boston Trip on a Sunday (my meal-prep day) and as you might guess, […]

Boston Scenery
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Boston Vegan Eats

A work conference brought me to Boston, MA to hang out for the week. Of course, every visit to a different city is an opportunity to take a peek into their vegan scene so you know I had to report back to you all with some of my favorite Boston […]

New York Vegan
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New York Vegan Eats 2019

It’s no secret that New York is one of my favorite places to visit. It’s not only an amazing city, it’s rich in culture, experience, and my favorite… FOOD! New York is full of amazing vegan food restaurants in each borough. My husband and I enjoy visiting the big city […]

Tulum Sign

Tulum, Mexico Vegan Travel Guide

A few weeks ago my husband and I visited Tulum to celebrate my 30th Birthday! I love three things: the beach, the sun, and FOOD! Tulum had all three, so this destination was the perfect fit! In this post I’ll be sharing what we did, but most importantly what we […]

Vegan Tokyo Japan

Tokyo, Japan Vegan Travel Guide

Of all of the places on our 2 month journey abroad, visiting Japan was most special to me. I was actually born in Misawa, Japan on account of my Dad being in the Air-force. Unfortunately we left 1-2 years after I was born, so as you might guess, I don’t […]