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Vegan Jamaican Beef Patties

I’ve been wanting to create some Vegan Jamaican Beef Patties for some time now. I’m so glad the opportunity has finally come! The dilemma was always what to use for the filling. Traditional beef patties are of course filled with beef, but clearly that was not an option. Initially I […]

12 30-Min Vegan Meals

Twelve 30-Minute Vegan Meals

We all have those weeks where life just comes at us FAST! As much as I love meal-prepping, there are some weeks I don’t get a chance to. A few weeks ago we came back from our Boston Trip on a Sunday (my meal-prep day) and as you might guess, […]

Trader Joe's Vegan Favorites
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Trader Joe’s Vegan Favorites

If you follow me on social media (if you’re not, why aren’t you?!), you know that I’m at Trader Joe’s every week! We’ve worked it into our Sunday routine and honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do! Not a lot of people actually enjoy going to the grocery […]

Quito Ecuador
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Vegan in Quito, Ecuador

This past Christmas, my husband and I decided to spend the holiday a little different. One of the main reasons we travel during the holidays is because of the “free” vacation days like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, etc. That way we don’t have to use as many PTO days! #Win! […]

Blue Dream Curry
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Asheville Vegan Favorites

Last October, me and my husband celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary and we decided to take a trip to Asheville! We had never been to the mountains together and decided that this would be a great trip for us because it was only a few hours away. Before I go […]