How to Stay Vegan

1. Community

This one is SO important! I think people underestimate the importance of having people in your circle who share your same beliefs. Some of us are lucky enough to find these people in real life, while others have to settle for the virtual world (raises hand). Whichever is your reality, embrace it! I’m so thankful for social media when it comes to this! When you see people on your feed making the most of their vegan life, it makes you want to do the same! Not to mention, it’s also great for keeping you in the loop on everything vegan, from new vegan friendly products to restaurants.  

Hashtags are also a great way to find locals that are vegan. Try searching for ones like “[your city]Vegan” or “[your state]Vegan”. I’ve found that a lot of vegans are excited to share their findings and you should be too! Join in on the fun 🙂

2. Be Prepared

Did you get invited to a gathering? That’s great! However, you should be prepared for them not to have any vegan friendly foods available for you (if they do, major win!). It’s sad, but it’s a common reality. So how do you maintain your social life and stick to your new lifestyle? BYOF- Bring Your Own Food! Before heading over to your friend’s house, pack some of last night’s leftovers in a container or whip up something quick in the kitchen that’s exciting to you. Don’t pack carrots and celery (only if you REALLY enjoy them), unless you want to suffer from food envy. There’s nothing worse than showing up to a gathering and watching everyone eat scrumptious treats while you’re snacking on super lame food. Bringing something that is desirable to you will ensure contentment. You won’t have to worry about drifting back to the dark side.  

3. Treat Yo Self 

Vegan people like sweets too! In fact, it’s possible that I like vegan sweets more than regular food. So indulge! I’m not sure why people think that baked goods are impossible to make without cow’s milk and eggs, but I’m here to let you know it’s a total myth! Try your hand at making some chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls. You won’t regret it!  

4. Stay Informed

I personally enjoy watching documentaries. I’ll watch them about people, places and especially food. This is what actually pushed me into becoming a vegan. As stated in my bio, I watched a documentary called “Food Choices” and it was a game changer for me. After this, it became clear to me that a change was necessary. Recently another eye opening documentary came out called “What the Health” and it reconfirmed my decision to become vegan. I will say however, there is a fine line between staying informed and being overwhelmed. Learning all of this new information about food can sometimes be a bit much. If you’re like me, it can be discomforting and even hurtful to try to unlearn most everything that you’ve known about food since childhood. Pace yourself. You don’t have to learn everything in a day. Watch as much as you can handle. If you find yourself thinking about reverting, refresh yourself on why you made the decision to be vegan in the first place. Repeat as needed.   I hope these helped! How do you stay vegan?

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