Sweet Potato Curry

My goodness! This sweet potato curry is definitely on my list of favorites! One of my favorite things to make when I was a carnivore was my mom’s chicken curry recipe. It was creamy, flavorful and paired perfectly with rice! Since then, I’ve veganized the recipe (maybe I’ll share it […]

Vegan Yeast Rolls
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Dinner Rolls

Confession: I’ve never baked bread before. At least not by myself. Growing up, I would help my grandma make it occasionally. I’ve also made cinnamon rolls before which might be a tiny bit related. Anywho, I’ve been wanting to make some Dinner Rolls for a while and Thanksgiving seemed to […]

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AMAZING Vegan Alfredo!

Ya’ll, I have been missing alfredo all year! Before going vegan, I probably had alfredo at least once a month. It was another one of those go-to meals. Boil some noodles, crack open a jar of alfredo sauce, plate it, and eat it. Simple! Well, I’ve since moved on from […]