5 Step Vegan Guide

5 Step Vegan Guide

I’m often asked about going vegan and how I’ve managed to do it. For that reason, I decided to create a simple 5 step vegan guide to help others through the process. This vegan guide is perfect for those curious about making the transition, or even for those who are in the midst of the transition and are having a challenging time.

1. Make up your mind.

Do you want to make a change or not? If you do, make up your mind and commit to it. During this step, you should also be researching why you want to be vegan in the first place. Are you interested in saving the animals? Is it because you want to improve your overall health? Do you want to reduce your global impact? Find out how not consuming animal products can make a positive impact in multiple ways. If I were you, I would start with two documentaries: “What the Health” and “Food Choices”, both available on Netflix (I hear Cowspiracy is pretty good too). What I loved most about these films is that they didn’t feel forced. It wasn’t one of those “go vegan or you will DIE!” films, they more so laid out the facts and gave reasoning to back the claims. There are a ton of resources out there, just gotta find them!

2. Stop eating animal products.

This part is always the hardest for people, but I’m convinced that people make it harder than it really is. Stop making up excuses. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the struggle. You’ve been eating meat and dairy your whole life. Giving it up can be a tough pill to swallow, but you CAN do it! There are plenty of awesome substitutes out there waiting to be discovered by none other than YOU! Some prefer a gradual process, and that’s fine too. I’m more of a “cold turkey” person so once I made up my mind, that was that!

3. Ask questions and read.

You would be surprised at the many items that animal products pop up in! Things that don’t even make sense! For example: I purchased some frozen breakfast potatoes from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t even bother to read the ingredients because they were potatoes and peppers. Why would there be animal products in that? Low and behold, there was powdered milk in it. WHY?!?!?! Conveniently I didn’t learn this until 2 servings later. Something told me to look at the ingredients and there it was. The same goes for restaurants too. All too often, I’ll look at a menu and the entree will be topped with some kind of sauce. I always try to ask the waiter what’s in it so I don’t accidentally consume something I don’t want. When this happens (and it probably will), take it as a lesson learned. I’ve accidentally consumed cheese that I couldn’t even taste! 🙁

4. Be patient with yourself.

You’re going to make mistakes. You’re going to unintentionally eat milk or cheese (or maybe even meat). But guess what? It’s not the end of the world. Tomorrow is a new day and you can start from scratch all over again. For some people the transition is a little harder. Just know that you got this!

5. Understand that YOU are in control.

During my transition, once I realized that I was solely responsible for what I put into my body, it was a game changer. It’s a very simple concept, but once you realize this it will make all the difference. All too often, we let the media determine what we think, how we look, and what we eat. Companies spend billions of dollars every year to influence us and guess what? It usually works! Just think, you’re on the way home and you see a huge advertisement on the highway for Wendy’s. Next thing you know, you want a burger and fries. You’re at home watching TV and a commercial comes on about the “Incredible, edible egg”. You then realize that eggs are missing from your grocery list. You’re scrolling through Instagram and your favorite celebrity is sipping on a McCafe drink with fries in their lap. Now you’re ready to make a run to your nearest McDonald’s because it’s hot and you need something to cool down. See how this works?!
So every time you bite into something, know that it’s your choice and no one else’s.

I hope this 5 step vegan guide helps! What other tips do you have that I should add to this vegan guide? I’d love to hear them!

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